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Book Review: Generation V

Generation V - M.L. Brennan

I highly regretted the fact that it took me so long to pick up Generation V. I didn’t expect it to be this awesome and that’s already saying a lot because I went into this book with high expectations. Thank goodness, it delivered with flying colors. Generation V was certainly a refreshing read as it deviated from usual vampire story. I mean, let’s face it. If you are searching for a vampire book in online stores or in your local book stores, what are the chances of coming across a vampire story wherein the male vampire is not mesmerizingly handsome, brooding, creepy, stalkerish and isn’t suffering from the stay-away-from-me-because-I-am-too-dangerous-for-you attitude? Zero to low chances? But M.L. Brennan was able to provide a story that greatly speaks that there’s still hope for vampire books.


Generation V follows the story of Fortitude Scott, a young vampire who grew up in a normal human environment. By normal, it means that Fort was brought up by human parents and said parents didn’t know that they’re actually nurturing the son of the most powerful vampire in the New England area and some parts of Canada I think. Because of Fort’s unique upbringing, his moral compass is definitely on the right direction. He desperately clings to humanity by becoming a vegetarian, by restraining himself from drinking blood (even if the act is slowly killing him) and being compassionate to the woes of humans.


But what really made Generation V an interesting read was because Fort is not only a desperate human-wannabe but he’s also the lamest vampire that I have the misfortune honor to meet. He allowed his girlfriend to cheat on him to the extent that said GF had sex with his roommate who in turn didn’t pay the rent for four months (and Fort ended up paying for the whole rent even though he’s broke). In simpler terms, Fort has no backbone at all. He just let people walk all over him that I was already cringing as more and more scenarios were revealed showing how pathetic his life is. My mind was definitely shouting, “Fuck it, Fort! Grow some balls, you wimp!” And oh, are you expecting that Fort’s going to be your knight in shining armour when you find yourself surrounded by the bad guys? I am really sorry because Fort will sorely disappoint you. You better start running because Fort will just end up falling on his sorry ass. But if you think I hate him then think again. Despite being a weakling, I found myself warming up to him. He is such a fun character to read and although he lacked a lot of capabilities, he is a hero in his own way.


Things got funnier when our female MC, Suzume Hollis, entered the scene. Suzume is Fort’s appointed bodyguard and definitely Fort’s opposite. She’s literally badass, shrewd and wait for it, a werefox. How cool is that? I instantly loved her not just because of her badassery but my online gaming character is a werefox, too. I LOLed so hard when she started inflicting havoc on Fort’s life. If only I was able to take a video of myself while I was laughing, you will have an idea how this book made a mad woman out of me. Tears of joy? Check! Stiches on the side? Check! Swinging uvula? Check! Aching stomach muscles? Check!


The secondary characters were an interesting bunch as well. You have Fort’s mother, older brother and sister which made up for a dysfunctional vampire family. And reading how their relationships play out was a pleasure to read.


Another thing that made love this book so much is that ML Brennan didn’t take the easy route when she formed the whole story. Instead of werevolves, we’ve got werefoxes or kitsunes, disgusting elves, and revolting witches. The vampires in Generation V are not the obvious clichés. They are not immortal, they are not all Adonis and Venus incarnates, and most importantly, they do get old. Their pro-creation would take more than just biting and sucking the blood of a human. I will not walk you through the complicated process. Just read it and be amazed.


Generation V is not without its flaws however. The plot was not that innovative but please take consolation that it was executed properly, nicely paced and tightly woven. Really, I never had a dull moment while reading this book. The hilarious bits were nicely balanced with no holds barred, gory action scenes and some emotional moments.


Summing it up, there’s absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t pick up Generation V. Non-UF readers and vampire haters will still adore the book for its well-rounded and quirky characters and downright funny moments. Another favorite to be added on my ever-growing fav list.

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