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Book Review: Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown

So you think you’ve read it all? You think you’re already so tough after reading all the gruesome things in THG and Divergent? But friends, you haven’t seen anything yet without reading this monstrosity of a book. Red Rising will break you and pound you to an amazeballs of powdered bones and you will not do anything about it. It’s 1/3 dystopia, 1/3 sci-fi, and 1/3 epic fantasy. Heavens forgive me but this is even better than The Hunger Games. Coming from a die hard THG fan, saying that can already be considered a blasphemy but I don’t care… I don’t care… this book has it all… extremely bad-ass characters, action scenes full of carnage that will make your nightmares laughable, heart, drama, complex relationships and sweet good ol’ romance.

Red Rising is one of those books that everyone should read before they die or die trying. I don’t even know how to begin this gorydamn review without making myself look like an obsessed blabbering fool. Add the fact that I am afraid that this review will not do the book the justice it deserves. Holy shit! This book might just murder me in cold blood if I fail to make this review as awesome as the book.

Red Rising is about a slave named, Darrow, who is contented of living a life digging in the pits of planet Mars to harvest helium 3. He believed that his sweat and sacrifices will better the lives of his future children. However, he found that he and his fellow slaves were betrayed and that drove him into a mad longing to seek out justice for all the misery that they had suffered.

While the synopsis is quite unappealing to me as a potential reader, it was immediately cured as soon as I got into the story. The beginning instantly clutched me without ever letting go until the very end. I was swept into a world where people are hierarchized according to their colors with Reds being the lowest. The caste system created by Pierce Brown is interesting, exceptional and conceivable. My dear friends, this book has just restored my faith to the dystopian genre. I initially thought that dystopian authors have finally exhausted any possible means to make the said genre as awesome as the first time I got acquainted with it through The Giver and The Hunger Games but worry not, Pierce Brown is here to save the dying genre.

The world building and the community are just a small part of the awesomeness of Red Rising. Once you meet the characters, I know for sure that you will be on your knees clutching you heart and telling it to stop from becoming a pathetic mess. Our main character, Darrow, is just OWNING! His rise from the dregs of the society to become the most brilliant student of the Gold Institute was impressive yet heartbreaking. His journey was so painful that I couldn’t help myself from tearing up every time I relive the things that he did to achieve the most coveted student position in the Institute. Yes, he got ambitious, cunning and ruthless during his development phase but it was all justified. His love for his late wife, Eo, was so moving that it was impossible not to shed tears for a character that you only knew for a few pages. Guys, I rarely root for male characters as greatly as I rooted for Harry P. but Darrow has managed to usurp the number 2 spot of my “Best Male Characters of All-Time” list. That, my friends, is an honor you do not take lightly from me. Ahem.

Even the secondary characters including the gorydamn antagonists are well fleshed out and there was never a time I had difficulty discerning every one of them considering their impressive numbers. If Pierce Brown will quiz me now, I know I would ace it. *smiles smugly*

The plot of Red Rising…I couldn’t even… In this book, it’s not just about brute force but it’s also about Brown’s genius machinations to make this book’s plot at par with that of an epic fantasy story. Goodness gracious but everything that happened In Red Rising is a product of military ingenuity. And the most brilliant thing is, Pierce Brown never holds back when it comes to the bloodbath. He will describe every gory detail with relish. Interwoven into the plot are political intrigue, vengeance, unlikely friendship and a semblance of a bittersweet romance. It is a tragic story and yet one full of hope, honor and amazing goodness.

Though I recommended this book to everyone, I must suggest that those who are quite delicate must toughen up prior to reading it. Pierce Brown is a sadist Peerless Scarred who will crush you with no hesitancy. You must be ready.

***An ARC of this book was freely provided by the publisher via Netgalley. Thank you, Del Rey and Random House!***

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