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Book Review: Scarlet

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

Let me start this review by saying that I immediately read Scarlet after I was finished with Cinder.  It only means that I am really hooked with the Lunar Chronicles because on normal days, I don’t usually dive into sequels right after reading the previous book.   However, if the series is just that awesome, there’s just no way that I am going to take a rest and give it some space.  Such is the case with Scarlet. I just need to know that Cinder is okay and that Kai is still alive after the crisis from the last book.


When I started Scarlet though, I couldn’t help myself from getting worried. What if I wouldn’t love it as much as Cinder? Let’s face it; I never liked Little Red Riding Hood because she is somewhat stupid having to tell the wolf where she’s going and then, never realizing that it wasn’t her grandmother lying on the bed. And you know, the whole story was just ridiculously unbelievable that it has never become my favourite bed time read. I didn’t even watch any of the film adaptations for fear that Little Red Riding Hood’s preposterous naivety will be transmitted to me.


But after finishing chapter 1, Scarlet has quickly proven that it’s not anything like the original version.  Scarlet—the heroine—is an impulsive, stubborn wildcat who wouldn’t hesitate to kick some ass.  She’s very loyal and once her mind is set on something, no one can stop her from getting or doing it.  It was her grandmother’s disappearance that led her to Wolf, her love interest. Yes, you read that right. No joke. I almost choked with laughter when it came clear to me that the fierce Scarlet would fall for the Big Bad Wolf.  But no worries, my friends.  If you have a penchant for dangerous boys then Wolf wouldn’t disappoint. He’s lethal, muscular and way way more gorgeous than Jacob Black. At first, I wasn’t so sold out with his character because I knew so little of him but after reading the Queen’s Army, there’s no doubt that I am going to be one of those crazy girls who will be carrying his torch. And Marissa, I am expecting that he will be given his proper happy ever after things have settled. Deal?


And before I forget (well, of course I wouldn’t), aside from Scarlet and Wolf, a new character was also introduced in this book in the person of Carswell Thorne.  Girls, if you think that Kai or Wolf doesn’t suit your needs for a book boyfriend, then worry not.  Marissa got you covered. If your book boyfriend criteria includes “has a good sense of humor, annoyingly handsome and narcissistic” then Thorne is the right man for you. What’re ya waiting for? Hurry up because the line is VEEEEERRY long.


While Scarlet is clearly a new story, it didn’t forget to continue Cinder and Kai’s tale. The way Meyer intertwined two sets of story lines was just seamless.  Every time I turned a page, I can’t help biting my nails because of anticipation. I’m so excited to see how the story would pan out.  By the heavens, Scarlet didn’t disappoint. Sure, it’s sort of a walking book but I realized that I rather enjoyed the slow and long journey. As a matter of fact, I just don’t want it to end. Contrary to Cinder, we get to see a lot of action scenes in Scarlet. And if you’re bloodthirsty, this book will really suit you fine. It’s dripping with blood and violence that will not only test the strength of your stomach but your mind as well.


The romance was also applause worthy even if it was instalovey. You know that I don’t like instalove but Scarlet is an exception to the rule. Even at Scarlet’s and Wolf’s first meeting, I can already feel the chemistry between them and I know that I would be disappointed if they wouldn’t kiss soon. Hahahaha.


For me, Scarlet is just perfect. It didn’t suffer from the second book syndrome and has a lot of new things to offer without getting lost.  Marissa certainly knows how to please a reader. And she just climbed up to my top 10 favorite authors’ list.  The Lunar Chronicles is another sci-fi fantasy series that deserves a permanent home in my all-time favourite books shelf.


Now before I end this review, may I ask you a question? If you have a print ARC for Cress, can you please lend it to me? Pretty please. I will pay for the shipping.  I think I’m gonna die if I don’t read it soon. :| February 4 is still too far.

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