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Interim Goddess of Love (Interim Goddess of Love, #1) - Mina V. Esguerra Actual rating: 3.5 stars

This review first appeared on my blog at Thoughts and Pens

Dear Miss Mina,

Please be informed that I am once again frustrated with the shortness of your novel. Just an hour and a half ago, I was pretty sure that I was still at ~page 35. How did I arrive at page 114 without me knowing it? I was still enjoying reading Hannah’s progress on being the interim Goddess of Love. How can you end my happiness?

I won’t be reading books 2 and 3 until the succeeding weeks. They are reserved for Filipiniana Sundays 2 and 3. Can you imagine the kind of torture I’m undergoing through right now? Suddenly, I can’t get enough of your books. I am scared that this would lead me into becoming a glutton for your books. I have to stop myself from taking a peek into the next book lest I become a sinner for the 7 deadly sins and waste my life in Hell.

Now, Miss Mina, I have some few demands to make before I dive into the succeeding sequels:

- I must see a lot of Quin in the Queen of the Clueless
- I’ve never been a fan of Filipino Mythology until now. I need to read more of it in the second book. I want to get to know Bathala and his family in a more intimate fashion…if you know what I mean. I want to meet Quin and Vida’s other siblings. I want to know the extent of their powers.
- I want to read more about Diego. Is he a sibling, cousin, uncle of Quin?
- I want to see Hannah handling “projects” outside Ford River College.
- I want to understand why, of all colleges, did these gods choose to go to Ford River?
- I want to see Hannah ending up with Quin. Robbie seems like a nice guy but where’s the fun in that?
- Hannah should be able to see the dwelling of Bathala and his family in the next book. Ford River College is a nice setting but visiting other Filipino mythical places would be AWESOME.

If these demands aren’t met, I’m gonna flood your e-mail, blog, twitter, facebook, pinterest, cellphone with demands for you to write a fourth or fifth or sixth and so forth and so on Interim Goddess of Love sequel. I will only stop hounding you until my demands are fully satisfied or…my expectations exceeded. Do we have a deal, Miss Mina?

Remember, this is not an empty threat.

Sincerely yours,