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{ARC} Book Review: By Your Side by Kasie West

By Your Side - Kasie West

By Your Side - Kasie West  As of this time, By Your Side is my most favorite Kasie West book followed by The Distance Between Us. The whole time that I was reading this book, I cannot stop grinning from ear to ear. Who wouldn’t want to be locked in a library with a cute and mysterious hottie? I know, I wouldn’t mind (except the part where there’s no food and no changing of undies, ugh) especially if there’s a chance of cuddling with the mentioned hottie. Ha. Anyway, horniness aside, there’s so much more about By Your Side than your feel good contemporary romance YA.  The book tackled deep issues like anxiety disorder, child neglect, loneliness, conquering fears, and trust.  These things may sound heavy but trust me, Kasie West still managed to make By Your Side as fluffy as possible.


If you know me, I am more inclined to read angsty books than fluffy ones but Kasie West’s books really get me.  And By Your Side was no exception. Although it kind of disappointed me that it wasn’t about books (because hello! Most of the story took place inside a library), I was glad that the wonderful characters (I totally ship Dax and Autumn), the plot, the romance development, and the various issues tackled in the book made up for that.


I’m definitely looking forward to more Kasie West books. But before that, I must read P.S. I Like You first.

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