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Book Review: My Epic Fairy Tale Fail

My Epic Fairy Tale Fail (My Very UnFairy Tale Life) - Anna Staniszewski

I immediately jumped into My Epic Fairy Tale Fail after I finished My Very Unfairy Tale Life. I was really excited to accompany Jenny again to one of her adventures. In this second book, Jenny was assigned to go to the Land of Tales to help stop a nasty witch from draining all the magic of the land.


Just like the first book, My Epic Fairy Tale Fail offers another humorous and refreshing story. In the Land of Tales, Jenny were introduced to a new set of characters who are already familiar to us like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, Nessie the Lochness Monster, Sleeping Beauty and the Hansel and Gretel witch. What’s good is that Anna gave a new take to these characters which brought things to a whole new level of fun. Add the fact that there’s a significant development to Jenny’s character. She became sort of mature but still retained her spunk. But what really made me happy is that her friends, Trish, Melissa and Anthony the Gnome really joined on in the fun. Thumbs up to Anna for remembering these characters in this second book. They were really left out in the first book.


I also appreciated the fact that the villain of this book is a female. And the good thing is, she’s not the stereotype old hag witch. Anna really made a lot of effort to ensure that the overall series does not join the trope of fairy tales that saturated the market today.

Aside from the characters, My Epic Fairy Tale Fail has a lot of improvement when it comes to the plot. Compared to the first book, this one has a lot of story to tell particularly that it involved Jenny discovering a secret that could be the answer to her ultimate desire and trying to outlast a wicked witch. Though predictable, it was still interesting to read with its fast paced action sprinkled with fun moments and of course, lessons in life.


The world building also saw a significant development but I must say that it was still lacking. I expect more like maps and a bigger world instead of giving me this impression that the Land of Tales is just a subdivision where everything is a 15-20 minute walk.

Overall, My Epic Fairy Tale Fail is a perfect sequel to My Very Unfairy Tale Life. It wrapped up some of the loose ends of the first book and brought something new to the series whilst maintaining the main theme of the story. It’s definitely an innovator instead of a maintainer. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend My Epic Fairy Tale Fail to all Middle Grade book lovers.

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