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Book Review: Quintana of Charyn

Quintana of Charyn  - Melina Marchetta

If this book is a game then there’s no other word to describe it than OWNING. I was completely pwned with no hope of recovery. Quintana of Charyn owns me in a molecular level and I don’t want to break free. This is one of those books that would make you lay down your life without hesitation. The book that would render you singing,

“I’d rather have bad times with you than good times with somebook else.”

“I’d rather be beside in you a storm than safe and warm by myself.”

It’s corny but I hope that you get the idea. Quintana of Charyn and the previous 2 books are that good. Garnering a 5 star rating from me, Quintana of Charyn continues the story of our old characters from the first two books with a strong focus on Froi, his family and Quintana. I lost count on how many times Marchetta broke my heart while reading this story. The scary thing is, I am a willing receiver of the pain. And I will do it again and again just to snuggle with this book in every waking moment of my life.

As with the previous two books, the strength of Quintana of Charyn does not only rely on its magnificent world building or the bittersweet romance but also with its blemished characters, multifaceted and dynamic familial relationships, friendships bounded by heart and soul and a culture that is woven with delicate care. Unlike other YA books, Quintana of Charyn—being a third book—didn’t suffer the dreadful “loss of firepower” syndrome. Instead, it progressed with a beautiful momentum preparing to ignite your emotions in the right moments. And believe me, there’s no way of bracing yourself when that moment comes. It’s blissful and melancholic at the same time.

The world Melina created with this series is a fantastical realm embellished with realism and heart. It’s an escape that would keep your feet grounded and yet, you can’t stop from wishing that you’re there… on the scene wielding your sword to slay dragons for Quintana. Or become Froi’s best friend or be an apprentice to Arjuro or therapist to broken Gargarin or an eye opener for Lucian. There’s just so much going on here that you wouldn’t realize it’s already 3 am in the morning. Or that you’re already sick from not sleeping for four consecutive days.

Reading Quintana of Charyn and the rest of the Lumatere Chronicles is tantamount to drug addiction. It keeps you awake even if your body is already screaming for rest. You can’t let go even if you want to…because if you do, reading life loses its meaning. And the only way to rise from the horrid fate is to soldier on, overdosing yourself with Lumatere goodness… to breach the barrier between this world and Lumatere… to embrace the exquisiteness of everything Lumatere Chronicles has to offer. Every pain and sadness in this book is worth reliving. This is a dream I don’t want to wake up from.

Quintana of Charyn didn’t just end with a bang but it also took away my heart. Quintana of Charyn is worth my troubled journey. It was that epic that I was so sorry for arriving at its last page.

And guys, the Lumatere Chronicles is the very first series which all three books earned a consistent 5 star rating from me. If it’s possible, I wouldn’t hesitate giving it the sun, the moon, and the nine planets. Read it if you wanna know why.

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