Wayward Kitsune

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré my review for this book. You can also read the full review at Thoughts and Pens

OMG! I SOOOO LUURVE THIS BOOK that I actually thought, I’d die with suspense, drama and all the revelations that came with it. For the third time, Rowling brings us once again into the world of Harry where everything gets better and better. I was fascinated with the new creatures, the Dementors, the new things that made it a perfect paradise for our thoughts.
I was hanging on the edge of my seat and finally falling after the amazing turn of events. Forgive me but during the last chapters of the book, I’ve been crying like mad that I temporarily stopped reading. The events were unbearably painful and yet, it was so heartwarming to finally know that despite the difficulty of picking up the pieces, everything seemed to connect perfectly.
Having read the first three books, there is not a doubt that Rowling is a ruthless story teller. With a brush of her quill, she can make us happy or cry or angry or mad or make us explode from feeling all of these emotions at once.

I HEART SIRIUS BLACK! There, I’ve finally announced it. He had been an enigma in the book teasing our minds but in the end, he finally emerged as one of the underdogs between the battle of good and evil. I ache for him, for his losses, of the wasted life that he had lived, of his absence in Harry’s life, for his unwavering bravery and his boundless loyalty. And yes, it wouldn’t hurt that he was intelligent, cool, and very good looking. I salute JK for giving us this man who was a perfect example that no one should stop hoping to see the light. Sirius Black is like the Dark Knight who rose from the prisons of hell with dignity and resolute focus.
It was unfair that he wasn’t acquitted at the end of the book. But at least, he was able to clean his name infront of Harry and the gang. That was good enough for me.
Apart from Sirius, I also liked the newly introduced characters, Trelawney and Lupin. Well, Trelawney is someone really funny with her utterly unbelievable predictions. And Lupin strikes me as someone who is a down-to-earth person but certainly cool.
In this book too, we also saw how the trio was slowly ascending the point of maturity, of course, with Ron being the slowest in getting there. But it was fun and lovely seeing them growing up and tackling personal issues like any normal person would do.

Interactions and Dialogues
What’s good with JK is that she had always been consistent with the elements of her writing style. Dialogues and interactions in Harry Potter had always been a mixture of fun, wit, grit, thrill and suspense that it was impossible to get bored. How good is that?
Another thing would be, interactions and dialogues were straightforward and never lingered. You will never get an idea that Book 3 is just a filler to compensate the waiting for Book 7.

Lessons Learned
• True friendships always endures- The friendship shared by the Marauder’s except for that scumbag Pettigrew and the trio is an outstanding example of this. True friendship is not just about having fun but it’s also about standing up against the lures of evil even if the price is one’s own life.
• Never eat more than you can chew- As perfectly demonstrated by Hermione Granger.
• Learn to trust someone with your crucial decisions- As what have happened when the Potters and Sirius decided not to inform Dumbledore of the secret-keeper swap. Thirteen years of punishing the wrong man would have been avoided if this had been the case.