Wayward Kitsune

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Geez! Eoin Colfer must be Artemis Fowl in disguise! This book was totaling oozing with sky high intelligence. It was unpredictable and yet totally engaging as Artemis exhibited pure genius even when the whole world is falling apart with Opal’s doing. I was scrolling pages like a flash, afraid to stumble and get lost between Artemis and Opal’s battle for intellectual supremacy. To put it simply, this finale is a superb showdown of brain prowess that would totally keep your mouth hanging from the first page up to the last one.
My only disappointment with this one is that there were portions that narrate Foaly and Caballine’s life which I think are non-essential to the whole point of the plot, thereby lingering. And I couldn’t stop thinking that it might have been done to lengthen the contents of the book. I just wished that Foaly’s life could have been gradually introduced in the early parts of the series.


This. Over the years, we’ve watched Artemis grow up, saw how he chose to make mistakes and solving the consequences with his prodigious brain talent. Yet, he was still a boy... greedy, immature, and self-centered. But in this book, we will see how Artemis proved to be a man worthy of our respect and recognition as he made the ultimate sacrifice to save mankind and that is surrendering his own life. It was just WOW.
I also appreciated the Berserkers and their unwavering devotion in protecting the People. They were quite funny especially that they even considered possessing bunnies, ducks, and other wildlife to carry out their plans.
And well, who would ever forget Artemis’ twin brother, Miles and Beckett who’s proving to be more than a handful even for the Berserkers powers? What about the extraordinaire Mulch Diggums who—aside from fart blasting everyone—now becomes an awesome Troll Rider? Not only that, like Artemis, he is on his way in becoming a much better dwarf in terms of doing things for the greater good than doing things for his own benefit.
Lastly, for some reason, I even like Opal Koboi. Even if she’s an evil pixie with Daddy issues, she’s funny and the ultimate villain to match Artemis’ cunning.

Interactions and Dialogues

What endears me to this book is that it’s overflowing with amusing arrogance, sarcasm and brilliance. Every character has his/her own brand of those that it’s very hard to feel sad and bored whenever you turn a page. To be honest, never for once that I did cry for this book because every reading moment is full of mirth. Instead, even when if you’re already pressured and your heart is thumping with what’s going to happen next, you can’t help but smile because the characters could still find ways to make everything light and joyful.