Wayward Kitsune

The Maze Runner - James Dashner For a full review, please visit: Thoughts and Pens

The very first thought that came into my mind after finishing this book was: SCARY. It was gripping and mind boggling. Every time I turn a Maze Runner page, there’s always something in the pit of my stomach trying to unseat me with suspense.
Maze Runner is a trigger of adrenaline rush especially when the Glade Runners are surveying the maze whilst risking their lives to outwit and outlast those menacing Grievers. These night time struggles through that vast maze always gives me a chill that I always find myself panting like I’ve also been running with Thomas, Minho and the rest of the runners.
I especially love how everyone was suffering from amnesia because it really adds to the tension of the whole story. Not to mention that I like the mystery surrounding Teresa’s person enhancing my urge to finish the book and find out what really had happened. Why there was a maze? Why everyone is suffering from amnesia? What’s the whole point of imprisoning a lot of teenage boys in a dangerous maze?
This book is an excellent portrayal of surviving the unknown.


After much deliberation with myself, I finally decided that my favorite characters for this book would be Minho, Thomas and Newt. They were well developed and really suited to unravel the mystery of the maze.
Minho is an overall leader. Meanwhile, Thomas fits the description of a second-in-command, curious and would always do everything in his power to prove his worth. His dexterity in solving the maze was outstanding. His compassion for his fellow Gladers is infectious that by the end, you are desperately hoping that everyone would survive so as not to crush him.

Dialogues and Interactions

Except for the use of too many fictionalized slang that renders you rereading the dialogue to comprehend the discussion, the dialogues and interactions of this book is alright. Anyway, once you set your mind with the slangs, everything should flow wonderfully into your brains.