Wayward Kitsune

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré For more information of this review, please visit: Thoughts and Pens

I guess, for the life of me, there’s no HP sequel that I did not love. They were all amazing. Fast paced with strong and interesting plots. Who wouldn’t want that? The plot of the Order of the Phoenix heavily revolves around the important role of the government and how it can break and make the order of the society it governs. Harry’s world is magical and yet the issues that it tackles are totally real and relatable.
In OotP, we delve deeper into Harry’s world providing us a lesson or more in governance. This book has a very profound effect on me for it touches the very core of human principles in relation to upholding what is lawfully right and wrong. This is a literary masterpiece depicting a corrupt government at work.

And how Ms Rowling managed to relay a very touchy subject with the usual funny and heartwarming elements in this book is beyond my imagination. An excellent read as usual!


What took me so long to write this review was that until now, like Harry’s first reaction, I haven’t yet moved on from Sirius’ tragic death. I mean, how come he wasn’t spared from Death’s list? It’s so unfair he didn’t his name finally acquitted from the crime he didn’t do. I must admit that my heart still bleeds for him as I’m writing this review.

On the other hand, if you happen to be head-over-heels in love with all the Harry Potter characters, then this book does not fail. In OotP, we will see our heroes becoming more mature as they’re not only confronted with dangerous tasks but also with issues on teenage love, rivalry, and the need to keep resisting a crooked government.
As consistent with the other books, OotP’s characters are very authentic and well developed that I think everyone might be able to connect to. For example, I can see a little bit of me in Harry, Ron, Hermione, Sirius and even Dumbledore. It’s a very good feeling that you are able to laugh, cry and get angry together with these characters.

Interactions and Dialogues

To those HP fanatics out there, I would like to ask you a simple question. What does Harry Potter have that makes us read it for countless of times? Of course, the humorous and nerve hitting dialogues of the characters. Whenever I feel blue and bored, I just pick up any of the sequel out my HP stack and read randomly. My favorite dialogues would always that be of Ron and Hermione bickering or that of Fred and George’s antics. Trust me, just reading even a single sentence of any of the HP dialogues is enough to brighten my day.

The dialogues and interactions were straightforward, not overdone and very imaginative. Even with the pressure from Voldemort’s presence and the Ministry’s unreasonable intervention, OotP does not fail to make us laugh over and over again.

OotP is one good read even if we are just evaluating it by its interactions and dialogues.