Wayward Kitsune

The Scorch Trials - James Dashner For full review, please visit: Thoughts and Pens

The story started off immediately where the first book ended. And it instantly gave me a ride to the world of nightmares as Thomas and his friends encountered Cranks and dead bodies. Not a pretty good morale booster after you just survived the Maze and those horrifying Grievers.
Another good thing about this book is that it does not give us any idea that it’s book filler. Here, we see a glimpse of the world where everything has fallen into devastation, where majority of the populace became the living versions of one’s nightmare. And the setting of the book, a wasteland desert with a brutal climate that would total spin your world, added a tension to the challenge Thomas and the gang have to face. Everything, the whole world, seemed to come and get you like a hurricane.
I especially liked the scene where Thomas and Brenda played hide and seek with a group of Cranks. It was terrifying and revolting when you try to imagine what would happen if these disease ridden people got hold and eat them alive.

I also love that James hinted about Thomas and Theresa’s future relationship. And it’s making me happy because although I like Theresa for being a bringer of mystery in book 1, I never did like her as a person or someone who deserves Thomas.
There are a lot of things to like about the book: Thomas’ maturity and focus, setting, plot, betrayal, loyalty between friends amidst the odds, the race against time, survival of the fittest, the thrilling scenes and the anxiety whether Thomas and the gang will succeed in getting the cure.

This novel is surely fast-paced, no drags, and definitely a page turner. If you want action, a little bit of drama, grossness, thrill in a dystopian world then this book is a must.