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Clockwork Princess  - Cassandra Clare This review first appeared on my blog at: Thoughts and Pens

Perhaps it isn’t proper for me to write this review while I am undergoing an emotional upheaval right this very minute. My thoughts are still incoherent and I am not sure whether I would be able to properly convey my feelings for this book. Clockwork Princess has been on my 2013 must-read list and to say that I am looking forward to read it is an understatement. I was so immersed in the world of Shadowhunters that I couldn’t rest until I’ve read the final installment of The Infernal Devices. Unlike The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices left a sorrow in my heart with the events that transpired from the last two books. I admit that I’ve grown to deeply care for the TID characters which I haven’t felt for TMI. I wished that everything would end beautifully with TID and so it did. But what I didn’t expect is the fact that I am now confused. Am I really happy with the beautiful ending? The fairy tale lover in me said yes. However, my realistic and partypooper self said NO.

Clockwork Princess immediately started where it left off in Clockwork Prince. I haven’t yet gone through a lot of pages when I was immediately bombarded with a lot of sentimental moments especially the scenes between Jem and Will, and Jem and Tessa. There’s just so much pain and sadness there. I couldn’t help being reminded of the friendship shared between Sam Gamgee and Frodo. The kind of friendship exhibited by these characters was unrivaled…poignant and beautiful. Whenever I read about friendships like these, it always shred me to pieces. There were moments that I just can’t breathe. Why do you have to hurt me like this, Cassie? Two days …two days that I looked like shit hiccupping and crying my heart out. The friendship is perhaps the strongest point of Clockwork Princess. I couldn’t find fault with that one.

The characterization in Clockwork Princess is also a major plus. Because I wasn’t able to review the first two books, I think I need to mention that one of the reasons why I enjoyed Cassie’s work is that she was able to create fleshed out characters. I love Will, Jem and Tessa. It helped that these characters have amazing background stories which made them complex and worth rooting for. Even the secondary characters were well developed and it wasn’t hard getting into their shoes.

Speaking of world building, Clockwork Princess didn’t disappoint. Cassie Claire was able to paint London in a breathtaking fashion. London 1800s would certainly make an awesome era to live in. I can’t stop myself feeling nostalgic even if I haven’t been to London. TID just give me that weird sensation.

Though there were a lot of things worth rooting for in this book such as the above, I cannot fully say that I’m one fulfilled reader. Not even the 2 rolls of tissue or the three wet towels could make me ignore the prominent flaws of this book.

The plot of Clockwork Princess was heavily pierced with Jem’s looming death and the various blossoming relationships among the members of the Institute. I was drowning from all the teenage innuendos here. Seriously? The issue and the battle with Mortmain were almost ignorable. I love me an epic battle. Clare may have fooled the others with all the drama that was going on in this book but not me. I appreciated the drama (it made me cry) but as Ron Weasley said, people would explode with feeling too many emotions. It was a wonder why our leads didn’t die of heart attack. The Clockwork Princess greatly reminded me of soap operas.

Another downfall of this book was the ending. I couldn’t believe for one second that Will and Tessa would do “it” after the painful things that had happened. Is that the new way of mourning someone you deeply loved? And while I still can’t move on with that nagging thought in my head, everything ended way too perfectly that it was unbelievable. Okay, I was really happy that Will and Tessa ended up with each other. I have always been a Team Will. I was also delighted that Jem got a reprieve from Clare and became a Silent Brother. And for what it’s worth, I am also happy that all the other teenagers in the Institute ended up with their partners (I was surprised that Clare didn’t partner Bridget to Cyril.). It would have been good too if everyone got a shot at a triple wedding.*sarcasm* But then, wait. That’s not all. Cassie went out of her way to kill off Will after 100-120 years so that Tessa could be reunited with an already cured Jem. How convenient is that? Is this even for real? Punch me, please. Fine, I know that a lot of fans were happy with the win-win ending. But it just doesn’t work for me. It was over-the-top. Too good to be true. I was already happy with Jem being a Silent brother but why, why?

Fans, I am so sorry if I am ruining your glorious moments but for me, a story with a wonderful ending but tinged with pain & sorrow is a more worthwhile read.