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The Fall of Five - Pittacus Lore This review appeared first on my blog at Thoughts and Pens.

Warning: Don’t read this if you don’t want to get spoiled.

I am depressed while writing this review. After a year of waiting, I thought that things would get better with our Loric friends but alas, Pittacus loves hurting me. The Fall of Five immediately started where it left off in The Rise of Nine. While I am in a way disappointed that this book didn’t cover much (I think this is shortest book among the four books that were published), I am still happy with the events that transpired in this book.

Basically, the highlights of The Fall of Five are the following:

Sam Goode was finally saved from being held captive in one of the Mogs’ HQs.
Sam was finally reunited with his long lost Dad. Welcome back, Malcolm!
The Garde has finally found Number Five. (The title is a big hint I suppose).
Is this book a filler? Ahm, no. All the things that were covered in this book were substantial and it tidied up some of the loose ends in The Rise of Nine. Like the first three books, The Fall of Five is packed with action. I didn’t get bored and I managed to finish it in just a matter of hours even with all the distractions (twitter, blog comments, etc) laid in front of me. I would really love to see the movie version of this book just for the fight scenes alone.

The plot of The Fall of Five circumnavigates around the story of Sam and Malcolm, the hunt for Number Five, Number Ten’s endless nightmares, discovering new legacies, exploring the hidden secrets of Lorien, the Garde’s romantic lives, and more training to prepare for the ultimate battle with Setrakus Ra and his Mogadorian minions. I should say that this book is the beginning of a looming storm. It neatly set the stage for the unraveling of the next 3 books.

With The Fall of the Five, expect to see lot of improvement in our beloved characters. John became more mature and he finally took the mantle of leadership. And although I hated Sarah in books 2 and 3, I found myself slowly warming up to her. She finally managed to straighten out her loyalty issues. And she’s proving to be a tough heroine after all. But still, I don’t want her for John. I would always be loyal to blunt, sensible and badass Six. Speaking of her, she’s more badass in this book, people. I just admire her unwavering focus to save Lorien and humanity. Even the other members of the Garde have finally grown on me even for such a short span of time. After reading the book, I decided that I like Nine best among the other Garde members (excluding 4 and Six) for his arrogance, hot temper, and impulsiveness. Yeah, I am crazy like that. Of course, there’s Sam Goode whom I’ve learned to love. In this book, he becomes mature, more reliable and more confident. And cheers to him for finally finding the courage to approach badass Six.

And because this is Y/A, expect to read a lot of romantic innuendos here. Well, you can rule out John and Sarah because they’re already a couple. But with the other member of the Gardes, brace yourself. Swoon moments are thrown here and there. I promise though that the romance in this book didn’t overshadow the whole story. It was just enough to make you giddy at certain moments.

Another thing that made me root for The Fall of the Five was the twist that was revealed near the ending of the book. And that twist led to something very horrifying. That. Made. Me. Breathless. I swear, I am still recovering from the shock brought by that scene. I still cannot accept that…that… that… Noooo! Pittacus, how could you? I was almost happy and then you pulled a stunt like that. That was so painful. K This brings me to the ending which I loved and hated at the same time. That cliffhanger was SOOOOO… I WANT TO READ BOOK 5 RIGHT NOW!

That cliffhangery ending was the ultimate deal maker why I gave this book a 4-star rating. It was just too cliffhangery for my taste. What happened to Bernie Kosar?! To Six, Seven and Nine?! Will I ever get out from this emotional mess? Pittacus, you better write 24/7 so the next book will get published early next year or…or…or…