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The Cadence

The Cadence - Casey Hays This review is also posted on: Thoughts and Pens

The failed books that I’ve read over the last few days have been putting a lot of strain on my reading career. And it really taught me 2 lessons, never sign up for an ARR again and fight temptation. Of course, there’s always the option of DNFing a book but when you sign up for an ARR, it’s your word of honor that is at stake. Thus, no matter how the book irked me, I would read it until the last page. *sighs* Just so you know, my OCness makes me a masochist.

Anyway, when I thought that my reading future is bleak when it comes to ARR books, The Cadence immediately saved me from cementing my views about them. Would it be too much to say that The Cadence entertained me with awesome goodness?

Yes, the story was somewhat predictable. But it was delivered beautifully. The pacing wasn’t rushed giving you time to adjust and take in the events without suffering from major dizziness or confusion. Also, the mystery surrounding The Cadence and Emma’s powers were revealed in small increments all throughout the story that it was hard to accuse the book of being an info dump. The overall concept was generally good, it managed to pull me in with the entire enigma that heightened senses brought.

Even the characters were fully developed. I admit that I hated Emma King at the beginning because for a brief period of time, she insensibly lost her head and instantly decided to stalk Gage Parmer. I breathed after she managed to pull herself together. Guess what, people? Emma wasn’t a Mary Sue. I would never sue her for lacking sel-preservation skills. She is always cautious that sometimes, it’s already annoying. But I rather deal with her than Bella Swan or any derivative of Mary Sue. And I love Gage Parmer, he was consistent throughout the whole story and no plot device has been set up to instantly cure his little problem. There’s also the adorable King family members. Jay was awesome and Pastor, King, and Sabrina as well. As for Ginger the bestfriend, she felt authentic with her being flirty and happy go lucky. I just wished that I have seen a little more about Alexis/Miranda’s life as well as her parent’s. But the information given was generally good to understand the lives of these villains.

What I love most about this book was how it tackled the romance thing. The romance in the book is very clear but unlike a lot of Y/A stories out there, it didn’t dominate the whole point of the story. Thank heavens for little mercy.

Though the ending was somewhat expected, I still find myself satisfied. It nicely wrapped up all the loose ends and well, who wouldn’t love seeing the heroine finally getting the “yes” of her one true love?

You might wonder why I didn’t give this book a five, I was actually tempted. But as I’ve said, the story was kind of predictable. And the twist also suffered the same thing. I knew that it was coming especially that the hints were really clear. So, here’s my lovely four for you, The Cadence. And I hope that you are a series because I would totally watch out and buy your sequel. :D

Note: A free copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.